Zephir - single-skin, small size cladding product with open horizontal joints

The lightness of this product makes it easy and economical to install (with a lightweight system resting on horizontal rails). The open joint ensures that the facade is well ventilated and pressures are well balanced.

Available in ten colours with smooth, sanded or ridged textures, and now also in new wavy and grooved finishes. Four standard sizes are available as shown in the table below.

The system can be complimented with the Phoniceram tile for ventilation or acoustic purposes.

  Tile Dimensions Module Size
Zephir 245 x 595 x 15mm 250 x 600mm
Zephir 245 x 495 x 15mm

250 x 500mm

Zephir  295 x 595 x 15mm

300 x 600mm

Zephir  295 x 295 x 15mm

300 x 300mm

Zephir Reinforced      295 x 595 x 40mm     

300 x 600mm 

Zephir Reinforced  295 x 295 x 40mm

300 x 300mm