Architectural Masonry

internal & external solutions, with fair, shotblast, pitched or polished face

LBT Brick & Facades offer a wide range of masonry products designed for both internal and external situations combining a decorative appeal with strength and durability


Fair Faced

Where a crisp and precise surface finish is required we offer a range of colours with a fair faced texture.
Typical applications would include factory and commercial developments, schools, office.


Shot Blast

Shot blasting offers the opportunity of showing the natural aggregates within our products giving a subtle but consistent texture.
A full range of specials are available.







1PolWhere a quality finish is demanded then we can offer a polished block, which gives a consistent finish and accuracy of size.
Polished blocks may be used both internally and externally and are available in a range of dynamic colours.
A full range of specials are available in all colours giving architects the option to express their ideas from design to finished scheme.

Split Faced

1SplitSplit faced is regarded as a cost effective alternative to natural stone which blends well in traditional stone surroundings.
Rugged and robust split faced blocks are available in both decorative and load bearing and are available in at least twelve colours.
Whether used in standard building or a part of architectural designs, split faced masonry gives specifiers the opportunity to express their ideas but with economy in mind.





Wet Pressed

1WetWe offer a unique wet pressed product which gives far better technical performance

  • crushing strength - 25-35 N/mm²
  • density - 2,350kg
  • high durability
  • low water absorption
  • manufactured to BS 6457:1984

Can be used in all exposed areas including sea defence situations


1SemiWe offer a semi-dry product which is high quality and high production, thus giving a cost effective masonry block

  • crushing strength - upto 15N/mm²
  • density - 2,100kg
  • manufactured to BS 6073:1981





Special Shapes

A full range of specials are available in all colours and finishes giving architects the option to express their ideas from computer to finished scheme.
Care should be taken when ordering specials that any faced returns are accounted for.

Walling Stone

We offer a range of walling stone products manufactured in a variety of colours and course heights and lengths with three types of finish


    Dressed          Split                 Rumbled



sizes and bonding patterns

All blocks are manufactured to a 440mm x 215mm face size (450mm x 225mm co-ordinating size) which gives 9.9/m²
In the wet cast products, however, the following bonding patterns can be achieved:

 225mm Coursing

using block size 215x440mm
(100% 215x440mm)
Coursing B

 150mm Coursing

using block sizes 65x440mm, 140x440mm
(50% 65x440mm, 50% 140x440mm)
Coursing C

 375mm Coursing

using block sizes 65x440mm, 140x440mm, 215x440mm
(6% 65x440mm, 54% 140x440mm, 40% 215x440mm)

 225mm Coursing

using block sizes 65x440mm, 140x440mm
(33% 65x440mm, 67% 140x440mm)

 225mm Coursing

using block sizes 102x440mm, 215x440mm
(50% 102x440mm, 50% 215x440mm)
Coursing D


using block sizes 65x440mm, 140x440mm, 215x295mm
(35% 65x440mm, 50% 140x440mm, 15% 215x295mm)