Sunscreens are available in a range of lengths and cross-sections

Square, rectangluar or ovoid sunscreens are available for a variety of uses, diffusing the light entering into the building, reducing the heat in summer or for purely decorative purposes.

Installation is usually horizontal, with spacing of between 100mm and 500mm centres and optional tilting of the blades on the horizontal axis.

Suncreen blades can be provided with our without installation systems, offering flexibility of choice to the customer.

  Blade Section Maximum Length Weight per m²
Autan 50 x 50mm 310mm 3.2kg
Autan Round 60mm dia 310mm 3.6kg
Harmattan 50 x 100mm 310mm 6.6kg
Shamal 14 46 x 140mm 1290mm 7.4kg
Shamal 14 (assembled) 46 x 140mm 1313mm 7.9kg
Shamal 20 46 x 200mm 1290mm 9.6kg
Shamal 20 (assembled) 46 x 200mm 1313mm 10.7kg
Autan XL Droplet 50 x 50mm 1200mm 3.2kg
Autan XL 50 x 50mm 1200mm 3.2kg
Zonda XL 10 50 x 100mm RV 1000mm ET 1200mm 6.4kg
Zonda XL 15 50 x 150mm RV 1500mm ET 1200mm 8.0kg